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“Idler's Appliances has been using the WhirlWind Software package since August 1, 2005. We have over 40 terminals in three stores with inventory everywhere. After using the WhirlWind Software for eight months I am Glad we made the change to WhirlWind. We have better Control of Inventory as the scanners do work and require minimal maintenance. The point-of-sale portions are user friendly and our Sales staff is happy with the product. When a product is special ordered for a customer and it is back-ordered or when it comes in the salesperson is notified which has made our customer relations better. My buyers, including myself, find the WhirlWind Software is extremely efficient as you can pinpoint who has products sold and look at the invoice with a click. We all experience having 10 units in stock with 11 units sold, this systems lets you look at each sale quickly and determine if it is time or order more. My Accounting Staff if very happy as we no longer use two software packages for accounting we are seeing improvements every day to the product. Nothing is perfect but we find Bryan Willard to be very accommodating in fine tuning the WhirlWind System to our needs. We are a typical Brand Source Appliance dealer and we have gone through some tough times in the last three years concerning software. We have had point-of-sale software since 1988 and we find WhirlWind Software to have been a good choice for Idler's Appliance.”

Don Idler
Idler's Appliance

Direct Appliance

“Just a quick note to tell you how much we really love having your program at Direct Appliance! I thought it was a good time to write you, since the floor-check guys, our financial lenders, were just here. We used to shudder when they arrived; but not anymore. Our inventory is ALWAYS almost exact -- and the floor checker always comments that we have the best inventory-control system of any of the stores he assesses. As you know, inventory is MONEY and this means a lot to us. In other ways, the system allows us to be so much faster and more accurate. Our store has experienced a great increase in business over the past couple of years -- and I know we wouldn't have been able to keep up without your system. Everything is there at the touch of the button. We don't have to search files. We don't have to second-guess, and we have answers for our customers instantly. Since you implemented the program at our store we have not increased staff, but we have certainly increased business. I shudder to think of how business would be if we were still operating on our old system. In addition to the accuracy of inventory control, we particularly like the tie-in of purchase orders so our sales reps (or anyone for that matter) can keep the customer abreast of his or her order. You can really tell that a person with appliance sales experience developed the program, because it really addresses the needs of our store. It is not unusual for our staff to hear me exclaim, "I LOVE THIS SYSTEM!" and I truly mean it. I thought you should know. We think fondly of you often!”

Thank you again.
Colleen and Ron Winter
Direct Appliance


“Frigid Service & Sales is an Appliance and Service Business. We started using WhirlWind Software in July 2004. We are very pleased with everything WhirlWind does to help make our business run more efficiently. It is user friendly and easy to learn.

I would be more than happy to answer any questions anyone might have regarding WhirlWind Software. Our telephone number is 205 339-3624.”

Jane Cameron
Frigid Sales and Service

“WhirlWind Software has enabled our company to view and control accounting procedures, increase and control margin, and identify aged overstocked inventory. The cost of this software was recovered within six months of implementation. Bryan Willard with WhirlWind Software has given us excellent service.”

Robert McDougal
Builders Source / Appliance Liquidators

Riegelmann's Appliance

 “Whirlwind software has made our inventory, point-of-sale, and book keeping much more efficient and easy to use. To us, Whirlwind is priceless. Thanks WhirlWind for all that you are doing for us.”

Michael Riegelmann
Riegelmann's Appliance

“We were using three different software packages and none of them gave us a system tailored to meet our unique needs as an appliance retailer. When we purchased the WhirlWind System we were very pleased. Best of all, if we ever have something we need, with one phone call they give it to us. You’ll be hard pressed to find a company more willing to work for you.”

- Larry Snider, Hamilton’s Appliance

“In 1991, we went computerized for sales, but had been doing all service calls by hand. We are a beta site for a major appliance manufacturer who is testing a new service call system. Their system is cumbersome, difficult to use, and internet based. When the internet or their site goes down so does our service. The Whirlwind service module is extremely easy to use and all the information is right here on my system. No more dependence on the internet being up to run our business. Whirlwind software has been a great investment for our company.”

- Bret Hutchings, Hutch’s TV and Appliance

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